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When your investment in Vacation Properties is either camping equipment or an RV! There is no means by which you can tour huge areas more comfortably or economically then through either camping or in an RV. You can stay in an area whatever length of time you wish or simply tour the entire region using your campsite or RV site as a central point.

It is strongly recommended to do extensive Internet searches before setting out so you have firm vacation properties in mind that cater to either camping or RV units. This will ensure that there will be no issue for you in having the proper or required services and site available. If they take advanced reservations and you are sure by all means do so to make the process, once there, even smoother.

Things you should consider before selecting the vacation property.

1. Is the site singles only or are families and even pets accepted?
2. What is the size of the site you would be using, and how private?
3. Do they have public washrooms, laundry and/or showers available for use?
4. What are the electrical specifications you can connect to and for RV's pumping facilities?
5. Are the facilities on waterfront and do they have a pool, beach, boat rentals, bicycles or other types of activities available?
6. If you have kid or pet sitting services available and in the case of kids do they have supervised activities?
7. Do they offer Internet services, wireless or otherwise?

There are no doubt many more questions you resolve before beginning a new adventure, we've just dusted the surface with the above.

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Each topic from the menu above will be briefly covered on this page and in more depth on the dedicated page. Please give us feedback.

Cottages for Rent, today, many cottage owners are renting out their private cottages to offset excessive taxes and levies. If you're looking for a cottage to buy in a specific area what better way to get to know the area, rent first.
Cottages for Sale, as markets for real estate change so does ownership of cottages properties. Take a close look there are still bargains to be had.
Resorts, if a structured vacation in the outdoors is your goal then there is no better place then to visit a resort or cottage resort. Many cater to families and have multiple outdoor activities for the kids every day.>
Inns/B&Bs, you're more into traveling around and don't want to waste time finding lodging and restaurants then an Inn or a Bed and Breakfast fill the bill.
Houseboats, once you've experienced this kind of vacation if you're like most you're hooked. No traffic yet you have full mobility to visit towns and villages for shopping, dining or simply sightseeing or golfing at lakeside clubs.
RV Parks, recreational vehicle campers are a great bunch to get to know. Friendly and outgoing you'll find a new experience at every stop.
Marinas, it's always wise to scout out marinas if you plan to travel with your boat in tow or on the water so you can quickly arrange help if you require it.
Dining, what's a vacation without dining, well on today's budget at least one fine meal, do your research on the Internet and sit back and relax once started.

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